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His smile! 😍😍😍


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(x) Nick mocks Brian 

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The band is in an arid desert environment, and features each of the band members in a different element of nature. Joseph Kahn used each element to represent the different personality of the singers. He decided that A.J. McLean embodies the band’s rock and roll sensibilities, with his ‘fiery light and Hollywood cool’, so he framed McLean by the sun as he drives a classic car down the highway. “The elements are sort of embracing their performance, so it feels like emotions. Nick Carter is ‘very volatile at times, beautiful to look at, but dangerous if you get too close’, so he is represented by fire. Howie Dorough, the ‘slick guy in the group’, became rain. Kevin Richardson, ‘the most mature and reserved' Backstreet Boy, is 'colder,' so he became snow. Brian Littrell, who’s described as ‘this big ball of energy, you can’t stop him’, became the crashing waves of the ocean.”

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I’ve got you


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My name is Howie D and this is “howie do it”.

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Happy 41st Birthday, Howie!

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